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Music to my soul

Salomi Shah, 26th September 2018

Music has been a savior whenever I have been underwhelmed or overwhelmed. If I am feeling down, I work up the strength to play one particular song. Acting as my walking stick, this song titled ‘Ether’ by We Are All Astronauts motivates me.

The song falls under the genre of electronic music because, I’m guessing, the entire piece is played on synthesizers.

It starts quite slowly, the first few notes taking you back to some old fading memory. Like the first time you climbed a tree. Or when you won a race. Happiness. You are overjoyed about it. Your whole world revolves around this now. You want to scream about it to the world.

The songthen builds into what some people would call "chaos”. The next few notes take you into a void. Suddenly all the unwanted memories come back — All at once. You are now losing control. Like a tsunami of emotions is coming toward you. And you can’t do anything about it. You are paralyzed in this state.

You feel like breaking away from all this. You want to stop the fight and just give in.But that’s when something unexpected happens. You begin to change. The drumbeatsin the song follow, mellowing the tune and like a steering wheel guiding you to the end.

I love how the song represents our mind. When you’re in your happy place, everything feels so peaceful and relaxed. But then at some point the chaos comes and settles in. The part where the drumbeats start depicts how your mind adapts to a new situation. It picks up and moves with it. It shows how external elements shape our mental perceptions, our resilience.

This song just reminds me how we run into chaos, deal with it and keep running. Ether portrays the evolution of our mind.

I suggest you listen to the full song.


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