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Salomi Shah, 2nd February 2018

I believe all art forms exist in layers. Some are apparent, while some are relatively complicated. For example, in a watercolor painting, you have a base layer of a light color and then the deeper colors create the upper layers on the painting.

While I was working on a project, which involved multiple layers on Photoshop and my playlist was blasting away, it struck me how efficiently the song 'Colors of love' by Thomas Bergersen exists in layers very much like on Adobe Suite. Almost all songs are entwined in multiple layers, but this song showcases it in a very clear way, using the percussion and piano, the keyboard, the duduk(flute), and Bulgarian lyrics.

It's fascinating to notice the small similarities between music and visual designs. The way the layers flow after one another, and how easily they blend into each other and actually create the overall work of art. Use the layer alone and it still has some tone/voice of the soundtrack still attuned to it. It's weird how we see and hear so many things every day but don't really notice or make a connection.

Song: Colors of love
Artist: Thomas Bergersen
Fast forward to 03:52 onwards


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