Kinnari Gala - designer

Kinnari doodled and sketched her way into teammagenta’s design department. With a degree in graphic design, Kinnari takes inspiration from a variety of sources: from the impressionism of van Gogh and Cezanne to the quirky works of Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda. Offbeat themes and detailed illustrations characterise her design style.

Her intricate patterns form the design theme for a series of issues of the award-winning magazine Confluence for Tata Chemicals. Her attention to detail has been put to good use in diaries and calendars for the American School of Bombay and infographics that bring Tata Consultancy Services' ‘big data’ to life.

She keeps the team fuelled with delicious home-made ‘thepla’, a regional snack from Gujarat. When it is her turn to choose the music she has the team rocking out to EDM.

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