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Needhi Bharmani, 21st August 2018

It was just my first week at Magenta, so I was looking forward to our team day with a mix of anxiety and excitement. We were introduced to Heather Saville Gupta,  an executive and cross cultural coach, who put us all at ease. 

For the last 25 years, Heather has been helping individuals and organisations in leadership training by using DISC analysis. DISC is a non-judgemental behavioural assesment tool which tells a person know where he/she is located on four scales: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. We all had individually taken the test the previous week, and the energetic Heather was going to unveil - and decode -the results.

So, we were all eager to discover more about ourselves. During the course of the day, we had constructive debates between individuals with different personalities. We learnt that feedback is a gift, and had speed feedback rounds, which was a bit like speed dating.  A time management session gave us ideas about the art of prioritisation.

Most importantly, we got invaluable insights about our collective  strength as a team. DISC has given us a language to understand different working styles - and how they can be fully harnessed to deliver greater value to our clients.

Personally, I came back enlightened. I am applying what I learnt - for example, writing three good things of the day, which helps me find happiness and motivation.


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