Altaf Ansari - logistics

Altaf is a native Mumbaiker. Born and raised in what was Bombay he knows the city like the back of his hand. That keen knowledge is an invaluable asset to us and to our clients. Whether it is searching out and procuring hard-to-find materials for a project, or delivering people and finished products to clients, he always has the quickest route mapped out. With his cool head and pleasant demeanour he levels out many a bump in the road to ensure the smooth running of magenta. Altaf joined the team after stints working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and later at the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai.

A cricket fan, an accomplished spin bowler and lover of old Hindi movie classics, Altaf is also a kebab connoisseur. The team benefits from his gastronomic research when he leads the annual Eid dinner expedition to Mohammed Ali Road.

My favourite tipple
Strawberry milkshake
I’m passionate about