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Geometric Simplicity

Salomi Shah, 12th March 2018

A concept from the Pixar movie Inside Out, where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong enter into the building of Abstract Thought. They show the break down of the characters in different stages. Starting with fragmentation, deconstruction, two-dimensional, and then non-figurative.

What if everything was put into ‘Abstract Thought’. What if ‘Abstract thought’ actually helped see things in a different perspective.

The one stage that did strike me is the deconstruction stage. Many times when you need to draw a complicated icon, it helps to deconstruct the object into simple geometric shapes. (as shown in the image)

It’s a trick they possibly teach kindergarten kids when it comes to learning to draw. It’s a trick I use to make icons and illustrations.

I’ve used a fairly simple example. But this just shows that even the most complex looking elements can be seen as simpler geometric shapes put together.Its a way of solving the big problem by breaking down the problem, zooming into different parts and solving pieces of the whole thing, instead of trying to tackle down the entire problem all at once.

These small realizations are just reminders to go back to the basics. To make things simpler. To make life a little less complicated.


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