Welcome to teammagenta, a fresh thinking creative agency.

We work in the places where developed and emerging markets meet.
We bring together global experience, talented people and local insights
to provide a unique service offering.


Fresh thinking is the heartbeat of all we do.

In our branding and corporate communications work we challenge established thinking to define, design and deliver solutions that make a difference to your business.

We dig deep to understand the context in which you operate and define the outcomes that mark your success. We immerse ourselves in your business, not just in offices, but also in fields and factories, workshops and warehouses, where we meet the people that matter. Using the principles of appreciative inquiry, a proven way to unlock potential, we help business leaders plot their course.

Our creative work is strategic because it works to meet your business objectives. We design communications solutions. The channels, content and collaterals we create help you build meaningful and emotional connections. We know what good looks like in a global context and we understand the needs of local audiences. Getting the balance right is an important measure of success.

The sharpest concept, the slickest design, the wittiest writing become more potent when delivered with urgency and a flexible attitude. We manage complex projects so that you can make your pitch, refresh your brand, engage your people, delight your advertisers and reassure your investors.

By building world-class creative and content capabilities in India we are pioneering an exciting new model of agency support.


We combine the thinking of a communications consultancy with the creativity of a design studio.


We help you plan your communications and articulate your vision and purpose so they support your growth agenda.


We’re skilled at cutting through the clutter to get to the heart of the matter and make your storytelling effective.


We listen to the people you want to talk to and hear what interests them. We listen to your stories and help you tell them in compelling ways.


We design to solve problems. We are multi-cultural in outlook and able to adapt international standards to meet your local needs.


We manage multi-channel production on your behalf: websites get coded, publications printed, films edited, campaigns launched and events managed.


We provide world-class creative services from an ISO-accredited studio in Mumbai. You benefit from cost savings and access to talented resources.


A multi-disciplinary team with bags of international experience

We blend fresh thinking, creative excellence, and project management with a dash of humour. The work we take seriously. Ourselves not so much.



Our fresh thinking breakfast seminars bring together like-minded professionals to listen to highly qualified speakers, share ideas and build their networks. Past speakers include:

Kiran Kandade

Appreciative inquiry practitioner

Koosum Kalyan

Scenario planning guru and Africa specialist

Stan Evans

Porsche’s brand manager in India

Amruda Nair

Founder of luxury hotel brand Aiana Hotels and Resorts

Krsna Mehta

Designer extraordinaire and entrepreneur

Munni Trivedi

Entrepreneur and outsourcing pioneer

Lucy Unger

Customer experience champion and design innovator

For information on future events, or if you’d like to host a fresh thinking seminar for your people,
please contact Nupur Tutwala - nupur@teammagenta.com

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